Amager – TipoRye (Birrificio Italiano collab.)


Dryhopped itlaian Style (Rye) Pils – 440ml – 5.6%abv

Not many brewers achieve in life to create a beer that turns into an (almost) official beer style, that is copied by other brewers all around the world. But that is exactly what Agostino Arioli has done.

Agostino is the mastermind behind one of Italy’s oldest and most well renowned breweries, Birrificio Italiano, founded in Lombardy in 1996. And as with most of the greatest beers of this world, simplicity is the key!

Take a German style Pilsner as your base beer and then dryhop the hell out of it – not with potent, beefed up modern aroma hops – but with subtle German noble hops. Et voilà, you suddenly have a crisp European Pilsner made even more enticing with those floral notes found in that kind of hops. That’s how Tipo Pils was created, and how Italian Style Pilsners were born. A beer made for drinking. That’s it!

When we realized that Agostino was coming to Copenhagen, we reached out to him and asked if he would like to come play with us at Amager. And much to our pleasure, he said yes!

TipoRye is the result of that play date. A Tipo Pils as the base but given a Nordic touch with the addition of 25% rye malt for a little more spice and a slightly fuller body. But still a simple and quaffable beer, just as we intended.
This beer is a collaboration made with Birrificio, Italiano, Lombardy, Italy.

Malt: Barley malt, Rye Malt
Hops: Columbus, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, Hersbrucker


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