Amager – Pink Farts and Unicorn


330ml – 4.6%abv

For centuries scientists have discussed the odd but in many ways relevant question: do the farts of unicorns smell? And if so, what do they smell of? Many scholars have claimed that the unicorn, being only a fable and not a real animal, naturally could not produce any bodily gasses at all, since it didn’t exist. Others claimed that unicorn sightings were so abundant that naturally the animal existed, and although a symbol of purity and grace it would still have to release the odd fart every now and then. The whole crew here at Amager Bryghus are a bunch of old time romantics and true believers. Brewery dog Kilo even insists that he once made out with a unicorn in nearby Kongelunden Forest. He’s such a lover boy. Well, we’re not gonna tell you exactly how we did it, but with the dry-hopping in Pink Farts & Unicorns we have recreated that exact aroma of a unicorn fart. Think delicious tropicana, think moist citrus, think….the smell of your most luscious dreams. And if you close your eyes too, you can even see the color. It’s true, it’s pink. This beer is for all ladies and dudes who choose to believe that fairytales actually exist. Just sniff…..

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