Amager – Sunny Southside


440ml – 7% abv

Thurston Moore was a Shiner drinker. Shiner Bock of course. He always had been, like his dad and grandad before him. Somehow this beer suited his farming life at The Sunny Southside Farm in Dripping Springs, Texas. Pleasantly malty, smooth and not too strong. Some locals had bought him a real German Bock, when he had been stationed in Bamberg, Germany many years ago. But that German Bock totally knocked him over. He never knew what hit him. Shiner Bock was different. Like an old, trusted friend. However, recently he had been cheating on his favorite brand. Or at least that’s how he felt. Nikki, his oldest daughter, was living in Austin, studying biotechnology at Austin Community College. And every second month Thurston would visit her in East Austin, where she lived. A place with a vibe so incredibly different from Dripping Springs! Nikki always teased him about his preference for ‘old men’s beer’ as she called it and took him along to a local taproom where her boyfriend Johnathan worked as a brewer. And that’s where Thurston’s cheating started. Because admittedly, he had grown fond of those fresh IPAs that came out as a tropical explosion in the nose. If only they weren’t so damned strong! Having a brewer in the family sometimes comes really handy, especially one that wants to impress his father-in-law to be. And that’s how Cold IPA came to life, from a recipe by the eager Jonathan. A beer with a Lager backbone, paired with the aroma magic of a heavily dry hopped IPA that turned Thurston into a reformed beer drinker. And as far as we know, Nikki and Jonathan lived happily ever after….
This is a collaboration beer made with Zilker Brewing Co., Austin, TX, USA.

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