Amager – Golden Palomino


Dry Hopped Westcoast IPA – 440ml – 7% abv

When Dutch farmers arrived at Amager in the year 1521 it was by invitation from the Danish King Christian the 2nd. Known as immaculate farmers and vegetable growers the Dutch brought a much needed addition to the primitive Danish cuisine. Naturally the new farmers also brought their horses – brawny, big boned Brabant Horses, made for working the fields for endless hours. But one of the farmers, Cornelius Wybrandt, had a horse passion that went beyond sturdy work horses. Cornelius had brought the pride of his family to Amager, a golden Dutch Warmblood stallion named De Gouden Palomino. A proud and stunningly good looking horse, but utterly useless for farm work. However, Cornelius loved to let his horse stretch out over the Amager flatlands and climb the grassy hills to the south. But this beautiful stallion was also a fiery beast, and often he could NOT be kept within the restraints of his horse paddock and would go walkabout. To this day Amager is very much a horse island and a colony of wild horses even roam the wilderness of Kalvebod Fælled. According to local legend, the blood line in this beautiful, golden pack of horses can be traced back to – yes you guessed it, The Golden Palomino.

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