Amager – Yule Juice


440ml – 6.5% abv

It’s one of those mysteries that have kept people wondering for years and years: where does Santa go for those 11 months of the year when he’s not busy with his sleigh delivering parcels? Well, the childish lot would claim he lives on the North Pole, but seriously? Who in their right mind would spend 11 months of the year on a melting and drifting ice floe? The answer – and this may deprive many of their illusions – is that Santa lives in Tulare County, California. Yes, you heard it first here. Tulare has oranges and nice weather, and Santa and Mama Santa are business folks and run an orange plantation. Actually, oranges are so plentiful here that the rivers, the waterfalls and the lakes are overflowing with orange juice, and who wouldn’t like to swim and relax and live here 11 months a year? No, Santa didn’t exactly invent orange juice, but it was actually Santa who invented Juicy IPAs. Yup. On a trip to San Diego some years ago, he had a pint of delicious West Coast IPA and suddenly it dawned upon him: what if I combined this lovely beverage with the delicious orange juice from back home in Tulare? A few days of mixing end experimenting back in the Santa lab, and the juicy IPA was born. Invented by Santa as the perfect Christmas drink. Of course, some east coast folks then came out claiming that it all happened there, but they are just full of bs. So, there you have it, people. One month a year Santa is a chubby dude with a fake beard pretending to be the friend of all children, making odd grinning noises as he does his deliveries, but the rest of the year he is enjoying all the mega bucks he makes on beer, juice and the two combined. Now you know, so sit back and enjoy this Santa creation – no illusions, it’s just beer.

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