Amager – Cherokee Bill


750ml – 10.3%abv – Bourbon barrel aged double Doppelbock

Some outlaws of the American West ended up on the wrong side of the law purely by accident. Cherokee Bill was no such outlaw. Born mixed-blood, as Crawford Goldsby in Texas in 1876, Bill just seemed to not possess one single redeeming quality besides his unstoppable desire to murder, rob, and destroy everything he could get his hands on. In short, Cherokee Bill was one mean motherfucker. Historians don’t agree on this, but it is said that Bill made his first kill at the age of 12. Living with his older sister, the sister’s husband – and Bill’s brother-in-law – told him to go feed some hogs. Bill, not wanting to feed no hogs, then killed the dude for being such a demanding a..hole. However, being this young he couldn’t go to prison and getting away with murder seemed to give Cherokee Bill a sense of immortality. In 1894 he was a member of the notorious Cook Gang who for the next year or so would terrorize Oklahoma. Robbing banks, stagecoaches, and stores – seemingly willing to shoot anyone who got in their way in what was a regular crime spree. But as so often happens, even Cherokee Bill’s luck ran out and he ended up in jail at Forth Smith, Arkansas. Now he wouldn’t have been Cherokee Bill, if he didn’t try at least one jail break, which of course he did, shooting several guards. But this time he didn’t manage to escape. On March 17th 1896 Cherokee Bill was taken to the gallows – just 20 years old.. Asked if he had anything to say, he replied, “I came here to die, not to make a speech.”


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