Amager – NosfeRyetu


440ml – 7.5%abv

A multigrain stout with a rye emphasis. This was a beer made for Knotbox’s Beer Pit, so we wanted something metal to back it.

Since here in Denmark people are obsessed with rye, we thought a multigrain stout with a rye emphasis would be very appropriate – the extra sticky stuff in the malt bill just being there to make a tricky mash even trickier.

Thrash metal playlists are a thing in our production facility, and Coroner’s Nosferatu conveniently started playing at some point during the brew day, which steered the beer’s name in this direction. And who can think about anything Nosferatu’esque without memories of this German horror masterpiece?

So consider blasting the aforementioned instrumental song and queuing up the movie while you put this baby to chill. Think of it as a trip back to a time before vampires were glittery, stouts didn’t contain unnecessary pastries, and you could handle a mosh pit without thinking you’d need hip replacement surgery.


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