Amager – Batch 3000


IIPA – 440ml – 8.5%abv

It seems like only yesterday when we released Batch 1000, a beer that turned out to be one of our most successful IPAs ever, and a beer which seems to have a cult following that insist on us bringing it back – which we have done, several times.

And before that, there was Batch One and Batch 500 in what now seems like ancient times, and later Batch 2000 followed.

But now we’re already at Batch 3000.

We chose some of our favorite hops, some of which you may recognize from Batch 1000 and used them in a fashionably hazy IPA. But a BIG IPA.

We would love to dedicate this beer to the true Amager Bryghus fans. To those who show up at our events whether at the brewery or at festivals all across the world, and those that appreciate our beers and what we stand for. Those that understand genuine and constant quality and aren’t prone to chasing cheap thrills or the most recent fad around the corner. To those who actually buy our beers – more than once.

Dudes and dudettes, we salute you!

And as we have said so many times before, you made us what we are – and we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you! Your Amager Crew!


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