Humulus et Fermentum – Victori-A Luxembourg Barrel Aged Imperial Stout


750ml 8.7%abv

Since a long time finally a beer which is not for the industrial lager type guzzler, in fact it has nothing to do with such beers! So if you are one of those swigging tasteless beer drinkers this is NOT for you, please leave it to those who appreciate the tasteful journey! You may go back to your usual if you like. This beer is encapsulating a long Luxembourg tradition of keeping beer in wooden casks; a tradition long forgotten! Time to get this revived! So behold this Imperial Stout which was brewed in collaboration with Béierhaascht, Den Heischter, Humulus et Fermentum and kept for several months in Luxembourg oak wine casks sourced from Domaine Viticole L. & R. Kox. This Imperial Stout is a showcase of true Luxembourg terroir using the combined knowledge of all parties involved living the tradition. This beer is supposed to be enjoyed with thought, dignity and love.

So raise your glass and enjoy the ride!

Aroma: Earthy, chocolate, leather, wet wood, red wine, plums

Taste: slender body, light sweetness, berry notes, wood, red wine tartness

Ingredients: Water – Malts: Pale Ale, Caramunich, Carafa – Hops: Perle, Cluster, Calypso – Yeast: US Ale Yeast

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