The first pillar - Private individuals

Private customers

Here customers can screen and choose different high quality beers offering a true alternative to the generally known brands in Luxembourg. They receive advice, consultation, or more detailed suggestions regarding an upcoming home party. The shop is also a place for beer and aficionados liking to browse through their sort of “candy”-shop.

The shop

The shop welcomes you in a relaxed and comfortable environment situated in the lovely setting of Bridel.
Care was taken to choose the right spot so that no direct sunlight will hit the beers and thus the shop is situated in an insulated basement.  The stock is kept in a dark, cool and local place before being put onto display in the shop.

With a continual growing array of different kinds of beer, beer styles on offer include (the list may expand over time):

Premium Lager

Belgium Blond/Brown
(Strong) Belgium Ales
Pale Ale
Lambic & Gueuze

Smoked beer
Spice/herb/vegetable and specialty grain

The Services

So, are you curious to see what craft beer is actually about or how one actually tastes/sensors/experiences beer? In case you ever wondered about those different beer styles and their differences in aroma, flavour and/or production processes, you can always come by and I will personally offer to explain them to you – I am sure there is some excellent beer out there matching your palate. 

If you ever wanted to find an exquisite and versatile gift for your beloved ones or close friends I am at your assistance to find the right bouquet.  

  • Humulus et Fermentum is there to provide you with an answer

I look forward to welcome you to the shop and provide you with a new insight into the world of beer, or offer you ideas for your next party or a private food-beer pairing event.