Amager – Waow! Kapow!


440ml – 5.5%abv

Growing up in Sandträsk – the utmost outback of Northern Sweden – in the 1970’s wasn’t easy. And when your parents decide to name you Maurice Bengtsson, they didn’t exactly make life easier. Add to that, that Maurice’s parents both worked at the local asylum, were into alternative lifestyles and played nothing but Steve Miller Band at the living room stereo, then you can probably imagine why Maurice had very few friends. Maurice was considered an oddball at school. However, there was one place in Sandträsk where Maurice was king. The local diner had two pinball machines, and Maurice pretty much owned them. Every time when he had a new high score, he would shout out his personal rebel yell “Waow! Kapow!” in his odd, squeaky voice. In fact, on both machine the Top 10 high scores showed only one name: Space Cowboy. That was the official nick name given to Maurice by his parents. A name inspired by….you guessed it….a Steve Miller song. After a particularly heavy mushroom trip Maurice’s mom would even sew him a Space Cowboy costume and insist he wore it as his standard clothes. The six-shooters however were replaced by water pistols, as his parents were strong believers in the official Swedish non-violent approach to problem solving. In spite of everything they took him through, Maurice loved his parents. So when his abilities on the pinball machines finally made him too big for Sandträsk, it was with tears in his eyes that he entered the bus to Stockholm. In the years to come his “Waow! Kapow!” would be heard in pinball halls all across the world. Rumour has it that when he finally made it to pinball World Champion, Steve Miller Band actually played at the after party. Maurice, the Space Cowboy, the pompitous of love and the finest human being ever, out of Sandträsk.

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