Amager – The Amazing Chanting Hobbits


440ml – 7%abv collab. with Tampa Bay Brewing Company

To those of us from other parts of the world, coming to Scandinavia for the first time can be quite a confusing experience. Between us all having heard of violent Vikings and how closed off the people from the North are, what you realistically encounter is peace, happiness, and an extremely welcoming, friendly folk (this last one is possibly particular to the beer scene). First contact with the Swedish language in particular, is even more astonishing. It is true that the untrained ear can understand fuck-all from Svenska (or even Skånish), but if you ignore the height and shoe-wearing habits of the average person from this beautiful country, what you’ll be hearing is as melodic and merry and pleasant as being in the Shire, listening to hobbits chant whilst going about their little lives picking fruit, prepping a pipe, or cooking one of their 6 daily meals. Our first contact with Tampa Bay was in fact, in Hobbiton (aka Brewskival) where we all agreed that nothing sounds more musical and cheerful than a drunken Swede. Their favorite thing in the world seems to be anything juicy, yet filling, as they’re still hobbits and want their nom noms. Nail that combo and you’ll get an emphatic AM-azing from them and maybe even some shoes knocked off to expose their likely massive, leathery, hairy feet. With that in mind, we brewed a beer ideal for second breakfast, loaded with oats and wheat and fruity hops. It is our small tribute to the people that brought Tampa Bay Brewing Company and Amager together, and maybe one to enjoy while cooking a good meal, picking mushrooms, or hops – or even sip on your hike to Mordor.

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