Amager – Sorcerer’s Lab: Sidesplitter


440ml – 5%abv

Sorcerer’s Lab is a series of beers from Amager Bryghus that brings the torch even further than our previous experimental series, Brewer’s Playtime, did. Where that series were mostly interpretations of IPAs, Sorcerer’s Lab will also dig into styles we rarely do – or may never have done at all. Because we are constantly curious, not only about the new fad in hops or the fanciest pastry to pour into a huge, sticky Stout, but also about what can be learned from old, well proved styles brought into the modern beer era – maybe with a twist.
There’s no denying that Scandinavians like their rye. Well, so do the Finns and the Russians, so let’s call it a northern craving. Originally considered a weed, rye turned out to be much more than that, and well suited for the harsher Nordic climate. Yielding more and demanding less than the more sophisticated wheat, rye became the main grain in bread for everyday consumption. Rustic, solid and spicy are abilities that can be used, not only in bread, but very much in beer as well. Often used complementary to the roastiness in Stouts, rye malt has also proven to work perfectly in IPAs where the spiciness of the grain compliments the delicate hop aromas superbly.

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