Amager – Sorcerer’s Lab Black Oats


Stout (Oatmeal) – 440ml – 5.2%abv

Sorcerer’s Lab is a series of beers from Amager Bryghus that carries the torch even further than our previous experimental series, Brewer’s Playtime, did. Where that series consisted mostly of interpretations of IPAs, Sorcerer’s Lab will also dig into styles we rarely do – or may never have done at all. Why? Because we are constantly curious, not only about the new fad in hops or the fanciest pastry to pour into a huge, sticky Stout, but also about what can be learned from old, tried and tested styles brought into the modern beer era – albeit with a twist.
It is no secret, that British style ales haven’t exactly been in the forefront when it comes to releases from Amager Bryghus. The lack of love for all things beery British, had at some point come so far that all hops of British ancestry were banned at our brewery. Oh well, that’s when we were young and silly. Growing up and growing older has made us wiser – if not less silly, so of course not all British is bad although we find Brexit to be stupendously stupid. A good place to be in Britain is Tadcaster and the Samuel Smith’s Brewery in particular. They are conservative to the bone and change nothing with trends. But why should they. Their Oatmeal Stout may have been the first one of its kind, that we ever tasted. It was a delight. And to honor all Britons who did not vote Brexit, here’s our take on a traditional British style Oatmeal Stout.

Malts: Pale, Low Crystal, Crystal T50, Chocolate, Roasted, Oatmalt, Flaked Oats.

Wheatmalts: Chocolate Wheat.

Hops: Columbus, Goldings, East Kent Goldings. Gær: UK-Ale


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