Amager – Easy Rider


440ml – 5.5%abv

If you know our CEO, you also know that he’s a man of many faces and tempers. Our junior assistant brewer loves to call him “Purple Face”, because admittedly that IS his default color – especially if combined with displays of the aforementioned temper. Mostly he ignores her teasing Brazilian ways. At other times he threatens to deport her back to Brazil or – even worse – back to Skåne, where she worked for a couple of years. Then she laughs even louder, because she knows that he’s really just a bully in expression, but a softie at heart. Mostly our CEO and our Head Brewer keep their responsibilities strictly separate. Well, they are both our founding fathers and only owners, but whereas our Head Brewer is involved in all the brewing and brewery logistics, our CEO is the fixer of pretty much everything else. If there’s an issue at the brewery it will almost certainly land on his table – and then hopefully it’ll get fixed. However, our CEO has a secret fetish regarding American Pale Ales. Every three or four years he becomes all upset and finds that we should make a new APA, because our current one is too poor. So technically he’s now interfering with our Head Brewer’s work. But he just shrugs, smiles and lets the CEO create a new APA recipe. That keeps him quiet for another few years. Easy Rider is just that, a rare recipe created by our CEO. It’s simple and solid, because he once described himself as a “whole sack brewer”.


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