Amager – Cherry Christmas


750ml – 8.5% abv

There are so many myths and tales surrounding Christmas that we feel it would be a good deed to clear up a thing or two. For instance, many people mistakenly claim that the Christmas tree was invented by a plastic company somewhere in South East Asia around 1950. But that’s all bollocks. It happened in the 17th century already and the plastic factory wasn’t in South East Asia, but in Riga, in the Baltics. Also, we hear tales of big, red and very delicate glass balls being used to decorate the tree, when in fact those are huge, Italian Amarena cherries spiked with vodka and LSD – made to help calm moms and dads with many small kids and get them through the Christmas days without resorting to physical violence or firearms. And finally there’s the myth that lighting the Christmas tree will create a mysterious feeling of peace and well-being so that even the house cat and the house dog will rejoice and stop their hostilities. The fact is that both animals are only calm while staring at the tree, deeply concentrated in the act of counting how many chocolate covered pigs ears or chocolate covered sardines their host humans have decorated the tree with for them, respectively. If not content with the count, cats in particular are infamous for engaging with the spiked cherries. This is the reason why many cats act silly on Christmas Day. Extra silly that is. A human being may also act a little silly if finishing a whole bottle of this beer. Cats and dogs however should stay totally clear of this liquid.

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