Amager – Buffalo Burlesque


330ml – 11%abv

Imperial Stout, aged 8 months in Bordeaux red wine barrels.

When Anne Peabody in 1872 as a thre year old was adopted by a white, Christian family in the Wyoming small-town of Meeteetse, Wyoming it wasn’t exactly written in the stars that she twenty years later would be a burlesque star in Paris. Actually, absolutely nothing pointed in that direction. How Anne ended up at the orphanage from where she was adopted, nobody really knew. Many small-town folks whispered about how her jet black hair and hazel brown eyes clearly indicated native blood, but Anne’s parents turned a deaf ear to such talk.
Unfortunately for the Peabodys, Anne also turned a deaf ear to the gospel that her parents so vigorously tried to teach her through endless bible studies. Although a sweet and respectful child, Anne simply couldn’t keep her mind to all that religious mumbo-jumbo. She wandered off. In the beginning for hours, but as she grew older she’d stay out in the wilderness for days. Persistent rumors on the streets claimed she had been seen talking to wild buffalo on the plains. Her parents had long stopped being surprised.
So when Anne one day disappeared for good it somehow came expected. Under her bed her parents found a newspaper clipping about a so-called Wild West Show in nearby Casper, but when they got there Anne had already moved on with her new boss Buffalo Bill. Her abilities as a buffalo whisper and a distinct star quality soon made her the jewel of the show. Several years of touring took her around the world, but when an admirer invited her into the newly opened Moulin Rouge variety in Paris, she felt an immediate attraction to the stage. A stage that soon had to be severely modified when Anne introduced her glamour solo show The Buffalo Burlesque. A show like nothing ever seen before in Paris.


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