Amager – Barren Fields of F…


440ml – 5%abv

Italian Style Pilsener dryhopped with Saphir, Hallertauer Tradition & Spalter Select.

Once upon a time, there was a woman who grew f….. They were beautiful and succulent and full of love and the hard work she put into them – and the people of the village where she lived were enthused about the f… plantation and how fertile it was. However, as time passed and her love for her fields and the land’s produce got bigger, the customers presented with the fruits of her labor became ever more picky and hard to please. In her desperate attempt to make everyone happy, she destroyed her plots by overworking them, and so her fields became barren. Time passed and with patience and love she managed to get healthy crops again, more beautiful and juicier than ever. Villagers rejoiced at the new influx of bountiful f…., but not for long: the f…. suddenly weren’t big enough, lively enough, aromatic enough, tasty enough for the people who were far too spoiled. And she soon found herself missing the days when her fields were barren and dissatisfaction wasn’t an issue, as she had no f…. to give to anyone. And one warm night, as she sat gazing upon her farm, sipping an Italian Pilsener, nostalgia got the better of her, and her desire to make the ranting voices stop once again spoke louder than the soothing sounds of the crickets, and so she set her fields of f…. on fire, hopefully rendering them barren forever. She now has a tiny garden of f…. where she grows them for her own appreciation. And she is happier than ever, without a single little f… to give to anyone other than herself.

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