Amager – Bamboozled!


440ml – 6.0% abv

Hazy IPA dryhopped with Mosaic and Galaxy.

We honestly had no plan for a story behind this beer’s label, and we also know some of you are tired of our tales. So we are just gonna leave a list of things that heckin’ bamboozle us, so you can ponder on them as you drink this beer and maybe discuss them (with yourself or your drinking partners), if you are equally puzzled by them. Why aren’t there more beer labels with skulls?
Why don’t more breweries have doggos?
Why are so many brewers hipsters?
Why do people complain we make too many hazy IPAs but refuse to buy our other (potentially better) brews?
Why can’t people f….. signal when making a turn?
Why is cutting your own bangs so therapeutic?
Why are some doggos’ ears and the doors of a DeLorean so similar?
Why do hipsters wear beanies in the heat of summer?
Why don’t more brewery employers listen to metal, considering it’s the perfect production site genre?
Why aren’t there more minorities employed by breweries?
Why are people not aware that Bolsonaro, Trump, Johnson, Putin and Erdoğan are actually all first cousins? Why are doggos’ lives so short?
Why do people have an issue with beer that tastes like beer?
Heckin’ f…… BAMBOOZLED!

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