The second pillar - HoReCa


We provide partnerships to restaurants, hotels and pubs/cafés offering events such as beer tastings, beer menus as well as food & beer matchings or the distribution of craft beer for sale. 

How it Works

  • If you are interested to differentiate your business by, for example, offering new alternative beer bottles, feel free to contact me via email and we can set up a meeting in order to discuss what could work best for you.
  • In case you are thinking of developing a beer menu with a professional description of your actual beers on offer, I am at your disposal. My services will integrate with your chef professional food & beer pairings for your menu card. This could be for example an Aperitif, Appetiser/Starter, Main Course and Dessert all in combination with its matching beer. The advantage here is of course that the size of the bottles enables you to offer your customers a wider array of different aromas and flavours offering a new taste journey and discovery.
  • For your interested customers I also offer beer tastings/degustation’s.
    Usually the tastings are kept small with generally 6 – 15 persons enabling to get to know in more detail, in a comfortable environment, different styles of beer and how to deal with/experience it by learning about its history, the ingredients, the production processes and the way to sensor it.
  • Humulus et Fermentum also offers an independent audit of your bar dispensing equipment, checking on your staff’s beer knowledge and proper beer handling.

Please contact me with information about your project (preferably via email) and I will get back to you.