The third pillar - Companies


We offer to enterprises/companies team-building tasting events such as tastings, after work or weekend starter packages.

How it works

Do you have achieved a milestone in your project?

Have you acquired a new customer?

Do you would like to network in a relaxed atmosphere after a busy week in the office?

Are you looking forward to starting the weekend?

  • If any of your answers to the above are a yes – Humulus et Fermentum is the right partner for you.  Just contact me with how many team members will join and I will prepare a versatile and exquisite range of craft beer packages especially for you.

For example you have 10 team members joining the after work hour, in which case I would suggest to offer 2 beers to each team member allowing that everyone has something different to taste. This difference in taste raises curiosity what the other colleagues savour and a discussion about the different beers is launched. What better to start a weekend with than with a high quality beer?

For details please contact me.