Amager – Julebryg 2020


330ml – 6.5% abv

Let’s just say it as it is, it’s been a really tiring year for Santa Clause. And, of course, it’s about this Corona hallucination. So not that Santa himself got sick or something, but it his reindeer did, all six of them! They had otherwise gone and had gotten fat from drinking whisky masking up in the Scottish Highlands with Santa’s girlfriend, the whisky widow, and how the virus had blown all the way up there, it was a mystery to everyone. The vet scratched his beard thoroughly and for a very long time before recommending killing the reindeers. He did not believe that there were hospitals for coronary reindeer anywhere in Scotland, especially not for the special six-legged Japanese mutant version of reindeer that Santa owned. Santa went nuts. No Scottish quack should sentence his reindeer to death, especially not when they were clearly well and just ate on their mask. Santa counted up the savings and borrowed some skates from the whisky pub, and then he ordered one of those big Russian Antonov transport planes, which were to lift the whole herd of reindeer to Germany. He insisted on getting a second opinion on the condition of the animals from a sensible German veterinarian. How it is down there, we have not heard yet, but Santa has once again sent home a Christmas card with a beer recipe for some excellent beer, which the vet pours on the reindeer. We have never heard of the type of beer before, but in honor of Santa and the reindeers, we brew it as this year’s Christmas beer. It’s probably called a Bock.


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