Hi, I am Sebastian your Doemens certified beer sommelier in Luxembourg.

After being exposed to beer during my studies abroad in the United Kingdom (BA Business Administration), I had a vague sense of what a magnificent world of taste is out there. After further education in north Germany (Bank Apprenticeship) and my taste horizon enlarged, I returned to my native land – Luxembourg. 

Regarding beer diversity it felt as if I arrived in a ‘taste-desert’! So what else would you do then; try to adapt at first, an arguably natural behaviour. Soon, my personal beer taste craved for more, for what it had already tasted before – when abroad. But how hard could it be to get back to this? No shop was in acceptable distance without going over the border. So, privately whenever I received visitors, allowed me to get a limited, but rather colour full and elusive selection of different beers. 

This sparked in my personal surrounding a general interest and thus an informal beer tasting group was born, in which I offered friends once a year to come by indulge in home cooked food followed with a beer tasting session. At the time, beers were served that my local friends and colleagues had never tasted before. 

This kind of event became a success as I am now in my 7th yearly private beer tasting. But with time also comes inspiration and since my beer interest grew and my interest for my old job further faded, I topped my education with a Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This combined with the support of family and close friends, my decision was final – “I want to become a beer-sommelier!” 

2014 was then the lucky year in which I was allowed to participate in the beer sommelier course of the renowned Doemens academy, which I successfully passed – thus reinforcing the already known whilst also learning a lot of new beer-facts. This done, allowed me to move forward on this adventurous road in order to find the perfect beer for both you, and me. 

I would be delighted to welcome you on board, joining me on this new road and we may discover the good and the evil, allowing our taste to come back to what was nearly forgotten and give Beer the respect and honour  it so richly deserves!


Sebastian Symolka – Doemens Beer Sommelier